LsR Project Studio.
It's small, personal recording studio geared with quality equipment.
We specialise in Soul, Hip Hop, R&B and Soundtrack but also cater for Grime, Pop and more.

The studio is headed up by Marcin Chojnacki who has over 10 years' experience recording, producing and mixing a wide range of music, as well as writing, singing and playing instruments.



26 Bank Avenue, LU6 1FR
Dunstable, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom


What we can offer.....

Studio time :
6 hours in the studio for £100!!!
Standard rate is £20 per hour.

This includes studio and engineer/producer. Let us know what kind of recording you need. Whether you're looking to do a quick demo recording,
or a full on polished production, we can accommodate you. The more time per track you book, the bigger we can make you sound!

Song arrangement, programming and production.

Marcin Chojnacki can mix your tracks. Do you have old tracks recorded elsewhere which you're not happy with? Send the project files over and we'll see what we can do. Prices depend entirely on the project. (we can work with Cubase, Nuendo, Logic or OMF projects).

£40 per track. Deals for large projects can be negotiated.

Restoration services:
We can clean up noisy recordings and restore them into something more listenable.

Dont miss this chance to do something you always wanted to do. You could leave after 6 hours with a professionally recorded track for a price that other studios would charge several hundred pounds for... All for an amazing £100 for 6 hours.

Call or text Marcin at 07912523593 for details.


Control/Recording Room.

Mackie Digital 8 Bus Desk
2 Dual Core Mac Pro with Logic Pro 9
2 Dual Core PC with Nuendo 4
2 x MOTU Traveler
M-Audio Profire Lightpipe ( 36 Adat i/o digital connection with Mackie)
TL Audio 5052 Stereo Processor
AlesisD4 Drum module

Yamaha HS80M
Yamaha MSP3

Rode K2

Korg Triton Extreme 76
Roland Fantom X6
Roland MV8800
Yamaha APX3-M
Yamaha RBX 374
PRS SE Soapbar II

and a whole bundle of virtual instrument and plugins.